Young Dogs introduction course

Have you ever seen a scrum on TV and thought: what is happening here? Have you decided to try a new sport as a student, but are not sure yet which sport fits best with you? Are you interested in rugby, but not or barely experienced?

That is no problem at all. The NSRV Obelix offers you an introduction course of 7 weeks, in which you learn the basics of rugby. Rugby rules are not comparable to any other sport. Additionally, in this physical game it is very important to learn the techniques properly and safely. Therefore, in the beginners course we will teach you all of the neccecary techniques and aspects of rugby and we will explain the rules. Afterwards, you are ready to practice with one of the three teams Obelix counts.

In these 7 weeks, you will not only learn the basics of the noble rugby sport, but also get to know the rugby culture. For instance, the man of the match drinks the entire Sunday evening at expense of the team, after every match the chairman starts the ‘verenigingslied’, and as a beginning rugby player you are called a ‘young dog’ until you have earned your stripes. Can’t wait to learn how to tackle, scrum and drink beers? Sign up for the rugby beginners course of the Radboud Sports Centre!

Due to Covid-19, the start of the new Young Dogs course is yet unknown. When group trainings are allowed, you are invited to practice with us at Tuesdays and Thursdays from 20.00h to 22.00h on Field 3 of the Radboud Sports Centre.
You do not have to sign up, it is without any obligations and experience is not required. Put on some comfortable clothes and sneakers and bring a bottle of water. Questions? Please contact us via Instagram, Facebook or write an e-mail to We hope to see you soon!