Even Voorstellen! Jonghe Honden aan het woord

*english follows dutch*

Even voorstellen! Jonghe Honden aan het woord, over hun tijd bij de NSRV tot nu toe en waarom ook jij absoluut aansluiten moet!

An introduction! Young Dogs writing about their time with Obelix until now and why you should definitely join us!

Hey everyone, my name is Kati, 19 years old, and I’ve been playing rugby for Obelix since the summer of 2017.
Originally i’m from Germany (where i started playing), and came to Nijmegen to study psychology at the Radboud University.

Rugby is the best sport ever because everyone is able to play. We have strong, fast, big and
small players and everything in between. Every position requires different abilities, so everyone can find his or her position! Age doesn’t matter either. I’m not exactly the tallest (or broadest person) some might even describe me as tiny, but as a scrumhalf (number 9). The position I have on the field. That’s exactly what your strength is!
It is a very fast and diverse sport where you need to be able to count on your team – and the women’s team of Obelix welcomed me with open arms, just like we would welcome you!

Next to all the tackling and running on the pitch, Obelix also knows how to party. We have a pub crawl and a cantus for the beginners course and in summer there are many fun tournaments. After practice or after a game you can always find someone to drink a beer with!

I hope to see you soon on the pitch!

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