Since 1979 our beloved club Obelix has been enriched with the oh so nice lady’s rugby. For three-decades-long, the Obelix lady’s played competition in combination teams with Wageningen, Doetinchem and Bemmel. In season 2012-2013 it finally happened; we could announce the first full Obelix women’s team playing in the First Division. Since then we travelled across the country to finish at the top of the rugby league. In season 2018-2019, we even managed to become the champion of the Second Division. Next to the annual recurring competition, we also compete in several tournaments. Every year we are looking forward to that because they’re known for lots of rugby, beer and fun. 

 What is often said by ladies who do not play rugby (yet) is that they are not suitable for the sport: “I am too fat/too thin/too small/too long/too slow”. But you know what the beauty of this sport is… Rugby is a sport for everyone! As a team, you work together to bring the oval rugby ball to the other side, so a try can be made. For that to happen, you need people in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The great diversity within the team makes rugby a dynamic and incredibly fun sport that you just really want to play.  

 The ladies of NSRV Obelix train twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 20:00-21:30 on the rugby field of the Radboud Sports Centre. Everything is covered during the training, from running and passing exercises to tackling techniques. In addition, meetings about rules and tactics are organised on a regular basis to gain a better understanding of this fantastic sport. (Next season 2020-2021, we will enter the competition of the Second Division together with RC Wageningen under the name of CL Wabelix. With the help of our new coach Kaat, we are hoping to promote this year and to compete in the First Division again next year). 

 Our team is very diverse. Although we are a student team, we also have working people in our team. Often after years of playing rugby as a student, they just can’t get it over their hearts to leave this nice team. Because we do more than just playing rugby. After every training session, we have some drinks at the bar in the sports centre and often the drinks are continued at Tappers (our main pub). That’s the place where we prefer to sing songs loud and out of tune while enjoying our drinks. Next to that, we organize pub nights, movie nights, dinner nights, other fun activities and an annual trip to another city than Nijmegen to be turned upside down. This altogether ensures that the team will no longer consist of just your teammates but your real mates. 

Captain Obelix Dames – Katrin Bringmann
Team manager Obelix Dames – Eline Bovy